Helped by the Kindness of Others

Helped by the Kindness of Others

The opportunity to pursue tertiary education had always been a “maybe” for third-year NTU Applied Physics student Jason Poh.

His family’s low-income background meant Jason had to start working immediately after completing his ‘O’ levels. “Both my brothers did the same,” says the middle child who had to adapt to juggling several part-time jobs at one time.

“The plan was to work until we were enlisted into the army, and if we earned enough, we would consider tertiary education,” explains Jason who worked two years as a cook until he enlisted for National Service.

It was a blessing for Jason when he was awarded the NTU Bursary for his studies.

The $3,000 Jason received annually from the NTU Bursary Endowment Fund helped cover his outstanding school fees which amounted to more than $8,000 a year. With financial aid, Jason could finally focus on getting his degree without worrying about money.

Jason has been assisting the university to solicit donations for the various NTU funds. “No amount is too small to benefit someone. It is the act that encourages us to strive for a better life and pursue our dream,” says Jason.

“By giving to the school, they are in fact paying it forward. These contributions directly benefit needy students like us,” he adds.

When my turn comes, I will definitely do my part to support the NTU Bursary Fund which has helped me immensely in my university life.”

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