Now You See It, Now You Don’t

​Now You See It, Now You Don’t

NTU scientists from the School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences have brought a piece of Harry Potter magic to life with the creation of an ‘invisibility cloak’. The ‘invisibility cloak’ is a glass wall that manipulates light rays so they are bent around the object, causing the illusion of the object to vanish. The technology enables small objects and animals seem to vanish from sight in daylight – even making them undetectable to surveillance devices such as thermal cameras and night vision goggles.

  • Potential new solutions in security and defence

"This is a step forward. No matter what device you use, it can hide the object,"

Dr Zhang Baile,
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
Assistant Physics Professor at NTU involved in the project.

Moving Forward:

As they continue to develop this technology, the scientists hope to make the cloak omni-directional, so it can ‘vanish’ objects from different angles.​

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