Handbook of Terrorism in the Asia Pacific

Handbook of Terrorism in the Asia Pacific

The Handbook of Terrorism in the Asia-Pacific is a concise and readable handbook that examines the origins of the current wave of terrorism across countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Northeast Asia and the Pacific. Edited by S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies’ Rohan Gunaratna and Stefanie Kam, the book provides a historical overview of terrorism in the Asia–Pacific, the evolution of threat, and the present threat faced by countries with the rise of the Islamic State (IS). Its analysis goes beyond media headlines and existing narratives, identifying emerging trends and new forms of terror that have altered the landscape and rendered the region increasingly vulnerable to asymmetric attacks. The Handbook of Terrorism is a useful reference source for undergraduates and graduates who want to understand the causes of terrorism and insurgency in the Asia–Pacific.

  • Debunk common myths and misconceptions about terrorism in the Asia-Pacific
  • Provide in-depth understanding of emerging trends, new forms of terror and its evolution

“The book attempts to go beyond the media headlines and simplistic analyses based on alarmist narratives."

Amrin Amin
Parliamentary Secretary for Home Affairs

Moving Forward:

Beyond this book, more terrorism-related issues in the Asia-Pacific can be further analysed in future studies and publications.​

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