Energy Savings with an Algorithm

​​​Energy Savings with an Algorithm

Increased energy savings of up to 10 per cent may well become the reality for companies in the future. This is all thanks to an algorithm developed by Assistant Professor Wen Yonggang from the NTU School of Computer Engineering in 2015.

The attraction of this new algorithm is the low implementation cost. Firms need not change their existing hardware to tap the cost-efficient benefit of this algorithm. Instead, the algorithm takes data from existing sensors in computer chips in servers, computers, air-conditioning system. Used together with externally placed sensors, the technology can integrate and analyse all operational data from the sensors, and recommend energy-saving solutions.

  • Reap energy savings of up to 10 percent
  • Low implementation cost

“We hope that our local innovation can help to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions of companies in Singapore and overseas, and help to mitigate climate change which is already happening as we speak,”

Mr Ted Chen,
founder and product architect of NTU-incubated company Evercomm Singapore that is helping to commercialise the algorithm.

Moving Forward:

HDB flats and housing estates are next on the list. Evercomm is hoping to deploy energy-saving analytics in partnership with urbanisation consultant, Surbana.

How You Can Help:
  • Reduce cost of overheads for firms
  • Enable energy efficient usage countrywide​
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