(Pre) Diabetes Inflammation Test Kit

​​(Pre) Diabetes Inflammation Test Kit

JUST one drop of blood and a few minutes—that’s all it takes to diagnose inflammation in diabetics now.

The Pre-Diabetes Inflammation Test Kit developed by researchers from NTU’s Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine not only promises to reduce testing time, but will also cost under a dollar to produce.

Current testing procedures require a full vial of blood from the patient, and several hours’ wait for the results. This new kit enables doctors to zero in on the analysis of neutrophils—the white blood cell type that is activated first when inflammation or infection sets in. After the blood sample is extracted by the chip, tiny channels on it automatically separate the blood cells. Previously, this was a process that took several hours as it was performed manually.

  • Provides real-time clinical data for advanced diabetes management
  • Less costly to produce compared to conventional systems
  • Can be used on patients who are pre-diabetic, diabetic or have cardio-metabolic disorders
  • Improves patient care and can further support chronic disease self-management

“Analysing these separated neutrophils could help indicate how bad an inflammation is and if there is an increased risk of infection for diabetic patients. If diabetic patients can be grouped based on their inflammation status in addition to glucose level, doctors can better choose the treatment best suited for their patients.”

Dr Hou Han Wei,
Senior Research Fellow at NTU Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

Moving Forward:

Through collaborations with Tan Tock Seng Hospital and the National Healthcare Group, the University plans to conduct a bigger study on the device’s use in managing pre-disease subjects and patients, and the impact of customising treatments. Your contribution will help improve the quality of life of diabetics dealing with this long-term disease. ​​

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