A Garden for All

​A Garden for All

The NTU Community Herb Garden was founded in 2009 by a small group of volunteers comprising staff, students and members of the public. Home to more than 300 species of tropical plants and herbs with medicinal properties, the garden is a cherished communal green space for the NTU community. Open to the public, the herbs from garden have benefitted people from all walks of life, from researchers to chefs.

  • Provide communal green space for community’s benefit
  • Fosters community bonding through shared responsibility of caring for garden
  • Greens the environment
Moving forward:

As the community garden continues to bloom, the hope is for the harvest to provide a wider variety of herbs and plants that go towards supporting research. Moving forward on the community front, the goal is for the garden to garner more support and contribution from the community at large. With the NTU Community Herb Garden Fund, there will be an annual distributable income that will enable the garden to evolve with the stabilising of core functions. These core functions include maintenance, administration, and public education among others.​​

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