Managing Drone Traffic

Managing Drone Traffic

With the use of drones on the rise, it’s only before long a system to manage drone traffic is put in place. Enter, the Air Traffic Management System for Drones, developed by NTU’s Air Traffic Management Research Institute, a joint research institute with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. The system includes the use of geofencing – virtual fences set up around restricted areas to prevent drones from flying into them. A collision detection feature will help prevent drone collisions.

  • A safe, efficient drone traffic management as use of unmanned aerial vehicles increases

"This new traffic management project will test some of the new concepts developed with the aim of achieving safe and efficient drone traffic in our urban airways,"

Professor Low Kin Huat from NTU's School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Moving Forward:

In the works is the proposed idea of control stations to monitor the number of drones in the air, traffic flow, speed, and distance of drones from each other. Later phases of the programme will include real-world tests in areas such as Tuas.​​

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