From Classroom Candy Salesman to NTU Undergrad

From Classroom Candy Salesman to NTU Undergrad

8 June 2020

For as long as I can remember, adversity has plagued my life. When I was born, instead of my parents celebrating my birth, they struggled to express their joy as I was diagnosed with a severe medical condition. As an infant, I was hospitalised for weeks, leaving a hefty medical bill that took a toll on my parents financially. It quickly depleted their savings and what was left of their meagre earnings. When I was finally discharged, my parents could not breathe a sigh of relief still as I was stricken with several more illnesses, leading to my mother having to leave her job to take care of me.

While living with constant financial difficulty can be challenging, it helped me to better understand the importance of frugality. Throughout my younger years, I lived a life of prudence. During my primary and secondary school years, I resorted to a variety of ways to make ends meet, even selling sweets to my classmates just to earn extra pocket money that I could add to my savings. This habit of saving remained with me and I continued to do so during my National Service so I would be able to afford admission into a local university.

Today, thanks to the lifestyle I have been fervently maintaining and the bursary I have been getting, I am fortunate enough to be a final-year student at a prestigious university like NTU. While I am undoubtedly grateful for this opportunity, I am still focused on helping my family manage the financial stress they face while also balancing my studies diligently. Although this can be demanding, I remain optimistic about the future and believe that with the quality education and bursary support NTU provides, I will be able to lift my family out of our current financial situation and finally say goodbye to adversity for good.

- Lim Pu Sheng, Final-Year Student, Nanyang Business School

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