NTU Priorities Fund


An Appeal to Support Students Facing Hardship Due to COVID-19
NTU has launched the NTU COVID-19 Relief Package comprising new coordinated measures to assist students facing hardship due to the pandemic. The package includes the setting up of a new fund: the NTU Priorities Fund.

The NTU Priorities Fund
The NTU Priorities Fund is established with an initial sum of $100,000, a personal gift by NTU President Professor Subra Suresh and his wife, Mary Suresh, who are both firm believers in paying it forward. The Fund will offer financial assistance to the neediest NTU students who have no other recourse for help. Recipients of support from the Fund are encouraged to "pay it forward" .The Fund will perpetuate the cycle of giving and create a culture of philanthropy so that future generations of students can continue to receive financial aid at a time of critical need. It is our hope that we can nurture this "evergreen fund" as a university resource to benefit future students who need assistance.

To make a gift towards the NTU Priorities Fund, please click here.

For faculty & staff members who want to make a gift towards the NTU Priorities Fund, please click here.

If you would like to find out more about the NTU Priorities Fund and how you can support the Fund, please contact Liza Boffen-Yordanov at 67906878 (DID) or liza.boffen@ntu.edu.sg (email).

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