What We Do

Cyber-physical systems are important in our everyday lives. They include electronic devices such as mobile phones, temperature and humidity sensors connected through networks for monitoring and control of physical systems like air-conditioning and lighting. ​

We develop cyber-physical systems that range from large infrastructure systems such as water and power distribution to emerging consumer systems such as the Internet-of-Things (IoT), an ever-growing network of physical objects and systems connected to the Internet.

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Research Focus

Together with scientists from both Delta Research Center and NTU, we innovate in four key research areas in cyber-physical systems: 
Robotics and automation

Smart Manufacturing

Elevating manufacturing with computer-integration


Smart Learning

Technology in education


Smart Living

Enhancing home life with innovation

Smart Commercialisation

Stakeholder-oriented solutions


Towards Manufacturing on Demand

Delta-NTU Corporate Lab foresees a paradigm shift and envisions potential opportunities to shape a new industry by catalyzing the changes in manufacturing. In this whitepaper the Lab explains what opportunities the paradigm shift will create and how the Lab can help to unleash the potential of small and mid-sized manufacturers in the changing landscape.


Read the whitepaper here.

Turn ideas into reality

We seek collaborations that will further our research in the area of smart technologies. Get in touch.