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Cybersecurity Practical Workshops

26 Sep 2017 - 28 Sep 2017 Current Students


Every graduate is faced with the task of presenting a CV prior to interviews and the associated concern as to whether the skills being offered meet those required by the industry or Government employer. 

Over recent years, discussion with employers in Asia, Australia and the UK repeatedly tell me that graduates – whether Bachelors, Master or PhD – often have excellent theoretical skills but often have limitations with respect to applied areas. 

More specifically I am told by employers that ​​graduates applying for jobs might never have done a proper forensic analysis of captured traffic, have little idea on how to implement and test a two factor authentication system, have little idea on how to run IoT security tests in practice, have limited ability on how to test smartcards for key security, have limited practical skills in assessing Android and Bluetooth security in everyday devices, have little idea on how to test data leakage or use interception techniques, have never built and tested an inter-firewall VPN operation, have never conducted a formal pen test in practice or used a GUI IDS engine. 

Of course many of you will have skills in some of these areas. However the intention of these workshops is to give you practical skills and experience to add to your CV and to be able to discuss your practical experience in a job interview. 

These workshops have evolved over recent years and run in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. They have been moulded to focus on the needs that employers say are lacking during interview processes. The difficulty these days is that employers want people to hit the ground running and they often don't want to have to spend a year teaching such skills.

Biography of Speaker:

Events 2017 Sept Dr Ray Hunt

Ray Hunt is an Associate Professor specialising teaching and research in the areas of networks and security. He conducts applied cyber security workshops in a number of Australia, Asian and UK Universities. He has supervised many post graduate projects over the last 20 years in areas such as Firewalls and Security Architectures, Intrusion Detection Systems, Networking Protocols including Routing and Switching, Quality of Service in IP Networks, Wireless and Mobile Networks, Broadband Wireless technologies, Wireless LAN Performance and Security, Voice over IP Security and Policy-based Management Security in Heterogeneous Mobile Networks.