CRADLE Connects: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education

28 Aug 2020 12.00 PM - 07.00 PM Alumni

CRADLE was honoured and delighted to have Dr. Michael J Timms, Founder and Director of EdTech Evaluation Consulting based in Melbourne, and Professor Dragan Gašević, Professor of Learning Analytics and Director of the Centre of Learning Analytics at Monash University, speak at our first-ever virtual CRADLE Connects symposium jointly organised by CRADLE, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (AI.R) and the National Institute of Education (NIE). The symposium was chaired by Professor Looi Chee Kit, co-Director of CRADLE.

Both talks provided insights into the past, current, and future developments of AI and learning analytics (LA) in education. Dr. Timms opened with a short history of Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED), and then gave various examples of how Artificial Intelligence is currently used in Educational technology. His talk closed with discussing future directions for research in AIED. In his talk, Professor Gašević highlighted major achievements and thought-provoking research challenges in LA, and shared examples of how recent developments in AI can benefit and enhance LA.

Overall, this virtual symposium was a tremendous success, and it brought many like-minded individuals from Singapore and around the world together to understand where AIED currently stands today and what the future research agenda might be. We would like to thank the 200-plus participants for supplementing the intriguing talks with their valuable questions. A word cloud generated from the Q&A portal shows the most used words in the questions posed by the audience, signaling the themes that the audience were most interested and curious about.

NTU staff interested in AIED research are encouraged to seek interdisciplinary collaboration that draws on the education expertise in NIE, the science of learning research expertise in CRADLE, and the AI expertise in AI.R.

Click on the speakers' names to download a copy of their slides:

Dr. Mike Timms.pdf

Professor Dragan Gašević.pdf