Windows 7 Setup for eduroam

1. From the Windows desktop, click on button and navigate to "Control Panel".


2. At "Control Panel" menu, click on "Network and Internet", and then "Network and Sharing Center" as shown below:



3. Choose "Set up a new connection or Network".


4.Click "add" then click "Manually connect to a wireless network".


5. Click "Manually create a network profile".


6. Set the network Name for "eduroam" (please note that all characters are in lower case).Select Security type to “WPA2-Enterprise, Encryption AES”.Check the checkbox "Connect even if the network is not broadcasting".


7. Click "Next" and you should see a "Successfully added eduroam".


8. Click on "Change connection settings", click on Security tab, follow by "Settings".


9. Under "Settings", uncheck "Validate server certificate" checkbox.


10. Click on "Configure" and uncheck "Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any)" checkbox.Click "OK" until all the dialog boxes exit.


11. When near a wireless spot where eduroam is available, click the network icon on the lower right hand side of the screen. Click eduroam and click "Connect".


12. When prompted, key in your network account username and password.


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