Setting up eduroam in Windows 10

1.Preload the machine with this profile

2.Execute the below command in the directory where the profile has been saved

   netsh wlan add profile filename="Wi-Fi-eduroam.xml"

3.When near a wireless access area, click on the network icon highlighted in red circle below. Proceed to click on "eduroam" under the wireless SSID connection screen.

4.For connecting the first time, do not check “Connect automatically” and proceed to click “Connect

5. Supply the username & password when prompt for login credentials. NTU users will use the format where xxxx = username,  yyyy = staff or student or assoc. For example, if a staff is having username abcd, the login format will be Proceed to click "OK"

6. When successfully connected to "eduroam", the below display should be seen.

7. To remove the eduroam profile, from step 3, click on "Network & Internet Settings" , under "Wi-Fi", click on "Manage known networks".

8.Click on "eduroam" and "Forget", repeat step 1 to 6 to re-enter any changes to the profile settings.

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