Setting up eduroam in Android devices

This setup was tested and working on Android version 7.0 on Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime.

1.Go to “Settings” and select “Connections”

2.Select “Wi-Fi”

3.Select “Add network”. Enter "eduroam" in the network name.

Select “802.1x EAP” under “Security”. Choose “PEAP” under “EAP method”. Select “MSCHAPv2” under “Phase 2 authentication”. In "CA certificate", choose "don't validate".For NTU users, enter your login credential accordingly to the format shown (ie. if you belong to staff and your username is abcd then the login format will be below and supply the password. Finally, tap on "CONNECT" when near a wireless access area.

4. When successfully connected, select SSID "eduroam", it should show the IP address and signal strength.

5.If there are changes to username or password, click on "FORGET" and repeat step 1 to 3 to re-enter.

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