Published on 28 Mar 2022

Congratulations to Dr Teo Chee Chong on the award of MOE Tertiary Education Research Fund

Project Title: New Implementations for a Creative Problem Solving Framework with Visual-Based Mapping Tool

The research team also comprises A/P Tan Seng Chee (NIE) and Dr Seyed Mehdi Zahraei (Singapore University of Social Sciences). The team will extend an existing pedagogical approach to new contexts and evaluate it in authentic classroom settings. The approach was previously developed by a team in another study that includes Dr Teo (as PI) and A/P Tan. It consists of a visual-based mapping tool (called Relationship Mapping) that is supported by a thinking model (Four-Step Learner’s Model). The underlying objective is to induce divergent (creative thinking) and convergent (critical thinking) alteration (“imagination and judgment”), which is believed to be essential for effective creative problem solving. The framework also comprises a design-based assignment and assessment rubrics that measures the intended learning outcomes. It was previously piloted and evaluated by Dr Teo in an undergraduate course at NTU with promising results.