Internship for Undergraduate Programme

All students must successfully complete a twenty-week or ten-week internship programme with the industry. The internship is considered as a partial fulfillment of the Bachelor of Engineering as well as Bachelor of Science (Maritime Studies) degree programme.

The internship provides professional training, real-life experience, in-depth understanding of the practical aspects of the industry, just to balance the academic education. Students will interact with professionals in the working environment, set up valuable contacts and be well-prepared in the working world upon graduation.

The internship will be supervised by both the Industry Supervisor and University Tutor.

The Career & Attachment Office (CAO) will be managing the administrative works of all the internship programmes.

Students who wish to consider entrepreneurship as an alternative internship option, you may apply for Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme (OEP) offer by NTUitive. More details could be found via the following link

CV3911/EN3911 Professional Internship (PI)20 WeeksSemester 1 : Aug-Dec
Semester 2 : Jan-Jun
8*/10**Students admitted to Year 1
Year 3 standing and have completed at least 4 semesters of study
CV3912/EN3912 Professional Attachment (PA)#10 WeeksSpecial Terms: May-Jul4*/5*Direct admitted to Year 2
Year 3 standing and have completed at least 2 semesters of study
CV3913/EN3913 Enhanced Professional Internship (EPI)30 WeeksSemester 2 : Jan-Aug12*/14**
MT 3007 Industrial Immersion ^10 WeeksSpecial Terms: May-Jul4*/5*Year 3 standing and have completed at least 4 semesters of study

* Applicable to Engineering students admitted in AY 2015-16 and earlier

** Applicable to Engineering students admitted in AY 2016-17 and thereafter

# PA is only applicable to Engineering students with special programme such as Double Degree or Second Major

^ Applicable to MS students only


  • Internship is graded Pass/Fail.
  • Students can visit OEP website for more information on the internship application procedures/processes.