Final Year Project (FYP/MS-RP)

GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR FINAL YEAR PROJECT​ (Starting from Sem 1 or Sem 2 of an Academic Year)

There will be times that you would need to collect certain information/data from the industry for your FYP projects. Please follow the procedures listed below:

  • Prepare your questionnaire

  • Send your questionnaire to your FYP Supervisor for vetting and endorsement via email

  • Download the cover letter and fill in all the necessary information (which are in RED) accordingly

  • Seek Endorsement from the Associate Chair (Academic) by sending an email attached with the following, to mailbox.

    • The completed cover letter

    • The final questionnaire (after vetted by your FYP Supervisor)

    • Email sent to your FYP Supervisor

    • Approved email from your FYP Supervisor

  • You will be informed when the Cover Letter is ready for collection, hence make sure you indicate your mobile numbers in your email.

  • Send the questionnaire to your respondents, you may claim the postage from the fund allocated to your FYP.

Semester 1

Semester 2

  • FYP/MS-RP Allocation