Exchange Programme (GEM Explorer)

In addition to using GEM/SUSEP portal, you also have to use the following link: "CEE Exchange Programme Course Approval System" for course matching. Your requests will then be forwarded to the respective course coordinator in CEE for matching.

  • For courses offered by other schools, please seek the approval from the respective schools through GEM/SUSEP portal for course matching.
  • Each NTU course can only be matched to one corresponding course offered by the host university.
  • GER-UE course: The School will assess and approve the number of AUs to be transferred based on the number of contact hours taken at your host University.
  • Categories of Course:

    (For students admitted before AY2021)
    Core, Major-PE, GER-PE, UE

    (For students admitted after AY2021)
    Core, Common Core(CC), Foundation Core (FC) and Broadening and Deepening Elective (BDE)

    The courses in your host university must be tagged to one of the NTU course categories.
  • Course Duration: You must state clearly the number of contact hours for the entire course taken in one semester at the host university.
  • Course Finder: For more information, you should read the FAQs in GEM website on exchange programme and in it you would find courses previously matched by students who have done the exchange.
  • Curriculum Flow Chart for CEE/ENE/MS: Students need to follow closely the curriculum flow chart especially to take note of the pre-requisites and the no. of courses that you can take during your exchange. The maximum that you can take is the normal load in your curriculum plus 1 additional course on the corresponding semester that you are on the exchange programme.
  • You need to note that most courses in CEE are offered in one semester only. Hence, you need to plan carefully to ensure that you would be able to complete your remaining courses after the exchange programme so that it is within your degree candidature in NTU.
  • Your planning should also take note of the pre-requisites of some of the CEE courses and the semester in which these courses are offered. This is to prevent timetable clashes and may hinder the progress of your study for course in the senior year which require these pre-requisites.
  • NTU has decided that the following courses cannot be read during any overseas exchange programme.
    • EG0001 – Engineers & Society
    • EG1001 – Engineers in Society
    • MT0002 – Professionals in Society
    • MT0003 – Professionals & Society
    • HW0188 – Engineering Communication I
    • HW0288 – Engineering Communication II
    • HW0105 – Academic Communication In The Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
    • HW0208 – Communication in the Social Sciences

  • Special note to ENE students, who wish to opt for the Specialization in Civil Infrastructures: For ENE students, to obtain the Specialization in Civil Infrastructure, you are required to read the below five courses in NTU and be  graded locally. Hence, students are not allowed to read the following courses during overseas exchange programme:

    • CV2011 (Structural Analysis I)
    • CV2014 (Geotechnical Engineering)
    • CV3011 (Reinforced Concrete Design)
    • CV3012 (Steel Design)
    • CV3016 (Construction Technology & Processes)

Students who are transferring credits from another university must comply with the following requirements for graduation:

  • Curriculum requirements for your degree programme
  • Minimum candidature period
  • Minimum AU of graded courses

    • Credits that are transferred to NTU are NOT counted towards the minimum AU of graded courses.
    • The total AU from graded courses that a student has earned to-date is shown in his degree audit.

  • Minimum years of study spent at NTU
  • Minimum CGPA for graduation

For more details, please click here.