Specialisation in International Trading

Who is Eligible

All undergraduate students reading BSc (Maritime Studies) Programme


The knowledge and training in commodity trading will benefit students in complementing their business and technical knowledge and therefore broaden their career prospects, presenting greater career options and a stepping stone for those looking to launch their careers in the lucrative commodity trading sector and value chain.

Courses Required to Read

These courses would equip our BSc (Maritime Studies) graduates with good knowledge in International Trading, and all the 7 courses will be classified under Major Core, but the AU for the additional courses will be offset from your elective basket, hence even if you opt for this specialisation, your AU for graduation will remain un-changed.


Once you passed all the above mentioned 7 courses, you will be issued with a Certificate upon graduation. It will be recognised by Internationl Enterprise Singapore.


An email invitation will be sent to all BSc MS students at the middle of their Year 1 Sem 2.

Further Clarification

Contact us at: maritimebsc@ntu.edu.sg