Strategy, Management & Organisation

Research areas/topics on Business Sustainability at Strategy, Management & Organisation Division include:

  • Impact of corporate governance on environment and CSR performance
  • Strategic leadership and corporate sustainability
  • Cultural & institutional factors in CSR and business ethics practices
  • Legitimacy, visibility and the antecedents of corporate social performance
  • Organizational perspectives of industrial symbiosis

Publications in: Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management, Organization & Environment, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Business & Society, International Journal of Environmental Studies,Sustainable Development

Professor Judith Walls has been working on issues related to corporate governance and environmental performance, and impact of behavioral strategy on sustainability. Her work has been published in the Academy of Management Best Paper ProceedingsBusiness & SocietyJournal of Organizational Behavior,Organization & Environment, and Strategic Management Journal among others. Her work on CEO power and environmental sustainability is currently under review at the Journal of Business Ethics. Her ongoing research projects are on environmental governance of mining companies in Mongolia in collaboration with NBS PhD student Eunice Ng, and the role of executives’ basic emotions incorporate environmental sustainability. She has recently begun a project with Professor Shih-Chi Chiu on facial features of new CEOs such as masculinity(dominance) and trustworthiness and its relation to CSR. A new grant proposal has been submitted on the relationship between corruption and corporate sustainability, together with Professor David Gomulya, in the context of Indonesia’s palm oil industry and related deforestation and haze.

Professor Shih-chi Chiu’s research interests lie incorporate governance and corporate social responsibility, with a focus on issues related to CEOs and top managers. She has published in the Journal of Managementand Journal of Management Studies. One other CSR paper has won the Best Article Award by International Association of Business & Society (IABS).  Professor Chiu’s ongoing CSR projects examine the effects of strategic leadership change and corporate portfolio restructuring on firms’ CSR. She is collaborating with Professor Judith Walls to study whether and to what extent different executive facial traits help to predict firms’ CSR performance.>

Professor Josh Keller has been conducting research on cultural and institutional factors in corporate social responsibility and business ethics practices. His work has been published in Organization Science,Organizational Behavior and Human Decision ProcessesJournal of Business Ethics and Management and Organization Review. He has recently published a paper in Management and Organization Review with Professor Ying-yi Hong on institutional influences on perceptions of fairness in organizational hiring practices, has a paper under second review at the Journal of Business Ethics on the institutionalization of corporate ethics practices, and is currently conducting research on the culture of stigmatized industries.

Selected publications:

Journal papers

  • Walls JL & Paquin. 2015. Organizational perspectives of industrial symbiosis: A review and synthesis.Organization& Environment, 28(1): 32-53.
  • Walls JL & Triandis HC. 2014. Universal truths: Can universally held cultural values inform the modern corporation? Cross-Cultural Management: An International Journal, 21(3):345-356.
  • Lewis B, Walls JL & Dowell G. 2014. Difference in degrees: CEO characteristics and firm responses to pressure for disclosure. Strategic Management Journal,35(5): 712-722.
  • Walls JL & Hoffman AJ. 2013. Exceptional boards: Environmental experience and positive deviance from institutional norms. Journal of Organizational Behavior,34: 253-271.
  • Walls JL, Berrone P & Phan PH. 2012. Corporate governance and environmental performance: Is there really a link? Strategic Management Journal, 33(8): 885-913.
  • Walls JL, Phan PH & Berrone P. Measuring environmental strategy: Construct development, reliability, and validity. Business & Society, 50(1): 71-115.
  • Chiu S & Sharfman MP. 2011.Legitimacy, visibility, and the antecedents of corporate social performance: An investigation of instrumental perspective. Journal of Management, 37 (6): 1558-1585. This article won the Best Article Award by International Association for Business and Society (IABS).
  • Kang, E. 2008. Director interlocks an spillover effects of reputational penalties from reporting fraud.Academy of Management Journal, 51(3): 537-555. 
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Conference papers and proceedings 

  • Walls JL & Berrone P. 2015. The power of one: How CEO power affects corporate environmental sustainability. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.
  • Chiu, S. & Sharfman, M. 2015. Executive succession as a response to the risks from corporate social irresponsibility. Accepted for presentation at the 75th Academy of Management Annual Conference. Vancouver, Canada.
  • Keller JW, Chandler D & Mezias J. 2014. Consensus and clustering: Shared perceptions of ethics practices across an organizational field. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.
  • Rousseau HE, Berrone P & Walls JL. 2014. Let’s talk: examining dialogue among firms and outside actors on social and environmental issues. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. Winner of the Best Paper Award.
  • Chiu S.,Hoskisson, R.E, & Johnson, R.A. 2012. CEO human capital, environmental munificence and corporate divestiture intensity. 32nd Strategic Management Society Conference. Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Sharfman, M. P. & Chiu, S. 2007. Legitimacy, visibility and the antecedents of corporate social performance. 67th Annual Conference of Academy of Management, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
  • Sharfman, M. P. & Chiu, S. 2006. Legitimacy, visibility and the antecedents of corporate social performance”. Montreal CSR International Workshop, Quebec,Canada.


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  • Tai Jo Fen, Lim Teck Kiat and Neo Boon Siong, “TianjinEco-city Project: The First Five Years,” Center for Liveable Cities, MND, September 2014.​

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