​​​NTU graduates today and in the future face stiff competition in the job market. In addition, the demands by the industry and employers require mature graduates that are ready to hit the road running the moment they start work and more recently, even before graduation such as during internships. With such early and high expectations, it is necessary that NTU students are well prepared to face the working world with confidence through equipping them with the right sets of skills and values.

Recognising this need, Mrs Margaret Lien gifted NTU with an endowment fund to set up the Margaret Lien Centre for Professional Success on 1 August 2013. The centre aims to prepare students through two compulsory courses for freshmen and penultimate year students. The first course will be made available to freshmen entering in AY 2014/2015 and this will be piloted in College of Science, Sports Science Management Program and College of Engineering. The second course will be rolled out in two years time.

The ultimate objective of this compulsory course is very much in line with the overall vision and mission of NTU to nurture students in these 5 key attributes:

  • Character: Character building through learning strong work and moral ethics and professionalism;
  • Creativity: Grooming responsible flexibility and creativity in a business setting;
  • Communication: Enhancing interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills in a business setting;
  • Competence: Learning job hunting and career skills to be competent and contributing employees right from the first day of work; and
  • Civic Mindedness: Developing and displaying ethical work practices.

​​​The centre aims to have each student complete their educational journey with a set of moral values and personal skills that would set them apart when they join the workforce and community as contributing citizens of the world.

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