ML0001 Absolute Basics for Career is a 13-week credit-bearing online self-paced course covering 5 career modules. ML0001 is a pre-requisite requirement for ML0002 Career Power Up!. This is a compulsory GER-CORE module worth 1 Academic Unit (AU).

This course seeks to take students through a journey of career discovery in a fun and interactive manner. It aims to provide students with a deeper understanding of oneself and the know-how of crafting and establishing a professional brand of oneself through various job application methods and techniques. The objective is that NTU students will benefit from the skills learnt through this course and perform well during internships and full-time employment.

Course Objectives

The main objective of this course is to provide the participants with the essential knowledge of career management and job application techniques and tools.

For this purpose, students will understand the relation among their personal interests, beliefs, values, strengths, weaknesses and talents in relation to the career paths they would be keen in pursuing. They will then undergo a compulsory Career Assessment Tool to assess their career options and career self. Following which they will learn how to chart their own career action plan to be implemented over the next four years and beyond.

The concept of personal branding will then be explored. Participants will learn the importance of personal branding offline and online and take advantage of it as a useful technique in job applications.

Students will explore the objectives of resumes and cover letter, identify own strengths and examples, understand what employers are looking out for and learn the norm format and content necessary to ensure an impactful resume.

Following which, students will understand the objectives for interviews, what employers are looking out for, the ways to tackle interview questions, impression management and follow-up actions.

Lastly, students will learn how to define their own corporate image and understand the importance of first impressions.

Learning Outcomes for Each Modules 

Module  Module TitleLearning OutcomesEstimated Training Hour
1Career Management
1. Define the stages of career planning and understand the importance of early career planning;

2. Identify different career components that you need to consider when deciding on a career

3. Identify two to three possible career paths to explore using the Career Assessment Tool 
2.5 hours
2Personal Branding1. Understanding the role of Personal Branding in today's competitive job market

2. Components of branding message

3.  Examples of people with impactful personal branding message

4. Identify common factors in their branding message

5. Expressing your Personal Branding online and offline
2 hours
3Resume and Cover Letter Writing1. Craft an impactful resume

2. Write an engaging cover letter

3. Create a video CV

4. Use all these effectively

5. Understand gaps in your resume so that you can plan how to build up your  strengths and experiences during your time at NTU
1.5 hours
4Interviews and Assessment Centres (AC) 
1. Objectives of interviews

2. Understanding what employers look out for when interviewing candidates (industry and company specific qualities will be discussed)

3. Types of interviews (including assessment centres)

4. The standard interview process (aptitude tests to be covered briefly)

5. Content
  • Preparation for the interview
  • Types of interview questions
  • Suggested format to tackling questions
  • Handling frequently asked questions
  • Handling stress/curve-ball questions
  • Questions to ask interviewers

6. Impression management
  • Importance of first impressions
  • How to cultivate appearance and confidence
  • Importance of body language
  • Importance of speech

7. The Good And The Bad: Avoiding Mistakes

8. Actions to be taken after interviews

Contents: Assessment Centres (AC)
1. What are AC and their objective

2. Understanding what employers look out for when interviewing candidates during AC

3. Understanding the standard tests used during AC
  • Psychometric tests: Numerical, verbal and logical reasoning 
  • Personality tests
  • Email/in-tray exercises
  • Case studies / Analytical exercises
  • Group discussions
  • Group presentations
  • Role-playing
  • Networking 

4. How to prepare for individual tests
1.5 hours
5Grooming1. State the importance of first impressions and the role of grooming and colour in influencing perceptions

2. Recall recommended hairstyle, makeup, face, outfit and accessories for work

3. Differentiate between more nuanced recommended and non-recommended examples of corporate image

4. Analyze and identify the recommended business etiquette during business settings accurately
2 hours

Students are required to go through the 13-hour course (online lecture + assignments) by viewing online lectures in a sequential order, participate in online quizzes and discussions and complete required assignments. 

Criteria for Pass

To pass, students will need to attain 80% marks through the assessment required.


All students are encouraged to read widely to learn from the various sources of information such as journal articles, newspaper, periodicals and resources at job portals.

Schedule of course roll-out

Please view below the scheduled roll-out of the course. This course will be made available to the colleges and its students as stated in the table.

SchoolYear of Study Semester offered
College of Science (CoS) and Sport Science & Management (SSM) Freshmen CoS and SSM freshmen will undergo ML0001 in Semester 1 of their freshmen year 
College of Engineering (CoE)Freshmen CoE freshmen will undergo ML0001 in Semester 2 of their freshmen year
College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences (CoHASS) Year 2CoHASS Year 2 students will undergo ML0001 in Semester 1 of their second year 

Starting the course

Students eligible for the course in each semester will be pre-enrolled into the course. Please log in to NTULearn (http://www.ntulearn.ntu.edu.sg ) and start on ML0001: Absolute Basics for Career course from there.

For queries regarding the course, please email mlcps@ntu.edu.sg.

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