Welcome to Career & Attachment Office (CAO)!

It is bustling in CAO as our team is growing to help NTU students gain a headstart towards your dream career. We have increased the depth and breadth of our career services to get you better prepared for your first job and stand out amongst the competition.

With the global economy currently experiencing slower growth and the media in recent months painting a picture of sluggish employment, many of you are understandably concerned if companies are hiring and if there will be enough jobs for fresh graduates. Despite this weak employment outlook, NTU graduates over the years remain highly sought after, with 9 in 10 being employed within four months of graduation, even during recessions. Why is this so? This is because NTU produces versatile graduates who can adapt their knowledge and competencies across different industries. Therefore, I urge all graduating students to look beyond traditional and popular industries and to consider jobs that are new or unconventional from companies that may have evolved from prevailing disruptive economies.

As the saying goes, 'the early bird catches the worm' and hot jobs will be caught by those who are better prepared, hungrier and quicker. So, do not wait until your last semester in your final year to decide what you want to do. CAO is here to help you from your first day in NTU. I am glad to announce that all of you have your own Career Coaches designated to specific Schools, who will journey with you in your career exploration and job search. Talk to them to be more aware of your strengths and career interests. Talk to potential employers at career talks, internships and job fairs to find out what they look for in a candidate. Talk to your seniors during alumni gatherings about their transitions and career since graduation. Talk to our Career Consultants to gain more insights about the preferred industries and potential employers. With over 3,000 active employers posting jobs and internships, search for your dream jobs in the CAO job portal. Equip yourself today to impress the employers. Start attending career and employability skills workshops that will help you craft powerful resumes, market yourself well at interviews and be equipped with employability skills for the workplace. 

Finally, from all of us at CAO, it has been our joy and pleasure to have worked with you in your career preparations through the two core career modules (ML0001 and ML0002) under Margaret Lien Centre of Professional Success, career coaching and consultation, workshops, internships and jobs these past years. We hope you will return as our Alumni-mentors to guide and inspire your juniors.

We wish all students every success and the very best in life.

Loh Pui Wah
Director, Career & Attachment Office


To be a global leader in providing premier experiential learning programmes and career services


To be the university's interface with industry and business for experiential learning and talent development

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