Services Available for Alumni

Career & Attachment Office understands the value of our alumni and their rich experiences.  We encourage you to stay connected with us through our variety of programmes. 

We continue to offer workshops and career assessment tools to alumni who may wish to utilise these resources for career and personal growth. 

Mentorship Community

CAO believes in the value of experiences that each alumnus has. We had started a Mentorship Community that allows alumni to become mentors to help advise current NTU students in their career paths. Please click the link on your right to find out more about this programme. 

Contributing Back 

Besides Mentorship Community, CAO has these other events that alumni could leverage on to contribute back to the NTU community such as: 

Alumni Networking Sessions

Alumni representatives from respective industries are invited for a casual evening get-together to mingle, network and share with the current students.  

Talks and Workshops

Work together with CAO to conduct talks and workshops to help equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge of a particular industry.


If you are not able to spare the time, you could help contribute an article in our annual CAREERtracks with a distribution count of nearly 20,000 copies university-wide.
For more information or if you would like to participate in any of our programmes, please email us at

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