It's one of the most exciting times of the year at NBS.

NBS Welcome Day is our biggest event for incoming freshmen. Organised by students for students, NBS welcome day gives all freshmen an opportunity to have fun, make friends, and learn more about life at NBS. 

Come join us and enjoy the activities.


Tuesday, 2 August 2022


9.30 am to 5 pm


Allocated Seminar Rooms, Lee Kong Chian Lecture Theatre & Nanyang Auditorium

*Disclaimer: Your respective group leaders will contact and provide you with more information upon registration. 

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NBS Welcome Day 

NBS Welcome Day is back this year with an exciting lineup of events - consisting of performances, games, and interactive sharing by our faculty Deans and Seniors. With topics ranging from important academic matters, Professional Attachment (PA), and many other thrilling activities, you won't want to miss out! Participants will receive a free NBS Freshmen Batch T-shirt and Lanyard too!

Welcome Day Speakers

Freshman Orientation Programmes 

Freshmen Orientation Programmes are activities that you can choose to attend as an additional part of the NBS Welcome Week. While optional for all incoming freshmen, we encourage you to join and connect with your fellow freshmen and current NBS seniors.  

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🕛 3rd - 5th August: Inflammare - Mythical Glory

Introduced in 2015, NBS Inflammare is one of the five orientation programs in Nanyang Business School (NBS). Aligning with our three pillars (Fun & Games | Service Learning | Corporate Exposure), NBS Inflammare is an all-rounded faculty orientation program for incoming freshmen where they will forge lasting friendships, gain insights into corporate life and learn to give back to society.

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What you can expect from Inflammare

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🕛2nd - 5th August : Rush 22/23 - Disney in Borderland

Greetings Freshmen and women, For two years, we have been trapped behind our virtual screens. This year, Rush 22/23 is ready to break free. The forces of the Borderland remain strong – we need your help and participation to escape. Expect to run, shout and sweat. You will get tired, but along the way you will have fun. Above all, you will forge the closest bonds that will help you navigate through your time in NBS. Fun-filled, adrenaline-pumping games have been planned across 3 days to test your mettle. Are you up for the challenge? We hope to welcome you aboard and may the best team win.

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What you can expect from Rush


🕛 3rd - 5th August: ColourSplash NBS Freshmen Orientation

Warning: FOR the faint of heart! Yes, you can read that again - it’s not a typo, we promise. We understand that starting your university journey can be quite intimidating. Here at ColourSplash, we want to provide a safe environment for incoming freshmen to make friends, learn essential knowledge about surviving school, and make a steady transition towards a smooth academic year! Whether you are an introvert, extrovert, or in-between, there’s always a place here for you at ColourSplash! Diversity is our strength, and we hope this diversity paints a colourful start to your NTU journey!

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What you can expect from Coloursplash 

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🕛 3rd - 5th August: LIGHT VS DARK A battle of the ages, which will reign supreme…

The heavens open, the earth shakes, all are waiting in anticipation for the Great Battle. Every few thousands of years, Solomon's Comet revisits the Earth. When that happens, this signifies another time to decide what this era will be like. During the last battle, the forces of Light won and ushered in an era of peace and love. This time, the forces of Dark are determined to plunge this world into darkness and chaos. We at NBS FOP are keeping track of the return of Solomon's Comet and determined it will be passing by the Earth from 3rd to 5th August. Join us on those dates and fight for what you want this era to be.

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🕛 3rd - 5th August: Avengers: Dawn of Zenith

Introduced in 2015, NBS Zenith is an exciting, fun-packed programme. More than just a orientation camp, we are excited to meet and ease our new freshies into their thrilling new phase of uni life! And with our strong and bonded alumni community, we warmly welcome you to the Zenith family

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