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NBS O Week is all about getting to know you

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NBS Welcome Day is all about getting to know you

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NBS Virtual Tour

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NBS Student Life

NBS Student Life

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NBS Freshmen Orientation Programmes is all about getting to know you


NBS Zenith

Defence of the Realm Prelude: Zora City It was 4am in the morning and the sun has yet to rise. A roaring siren was blasted throughout the entire city. It was something that we have not heard of for over a century. Just then, an announcement was made; “All Zora clansman, please gather at the city centre immediately. We are facing a class 1 emergency. For the citizens of Zora, please remain calm and stay indoors” Questions began to appear in my mind…… ‘Isn’t class 1 the highest level of emergency? What could have happened?’ I was feeling afraid, panicking and didn’t know what to do. “Dad, is everything okay?” a soft voice came up behind me. “Yes child, everything is okay. The clansman will protect us no matter what happens” I said to my child behind me, as I tried to put up a smile. Please save us, the clansman of Zora! Chapter 1 That day, the catastrophe rained down upon all 6 clans namely: Zora, Eton, Nebris, Imba, Tempest & Hades. Someone or something had disrupted the peace that the clans had. Together, the clans will embark on a journey to retrieve what was stolen from them. They must overcome all difficulties and challenges in order to turn things back to normal.



RUSH HEIST 21/22 OPERATION DATE: August 2021 Greetings from RUSH 21/22. We have hand-picked all our members based on agility, sharpness and strength and are pleased to welcome you onboard. Your help and participation is highly valued by us. This year’s heist is greater than no other and is set out to test the strength of our states. As this is a highly tricky operation, we urge all states to be extra cautious with planning.


NBS Inflammare

The Great Debutant(e) Ball – A grand masquerade party held once in a millennium, scheduled to take place when the stars align. The 8 oldest constellations, Draco, Hydra, Lepus, Perseus, Novus, Cepheus, Volant & Phoenix, are invited to attend the grand party. During the ball, a mysterious masked enemy, the self-proclaimed “Jay Gatsby” appears, to steal the highly prized grail from the ball. The 8 constellations have to unite their forces to uncover the enemy’s identity and find the grail. With all 8 constellations masked, each one soon realises that trusting each other is much more difficult than they had first anticipated… Will the Protostars in each constellation be able to rise up to the challenge at the ball?


NBS Colour Splash

Some galaxies are made up of billions of stars, and this Colour Splash Galaxy could do with a star like you. Join us for a programme filled with fun activities, as we set you on course to navigate the unknowns of university life. Learn more about school from your seniors, and more importantly foster relationships and make new friends along the way. Exploring a new environment could seem daunting at first, but such experiences are always made better by having companions along the way! Join one of the 6 Galaxy Forces; Arcturus, Nebula, Taurus, Sirius, Orion, Lyra and bring glory to your clan’s name! Join NBS Colour Splash and start off your NBS journey with a (big) bang!



The gathering of 16 Champions from different realms, Fighting to win the annual battle royale, For the Chalice of Supremacy, Hoping to be crowned, As the Legend for honor and glory. “People often ask, what is a true legend? It all depends… on the Factions. Should it be strong, then it will be brave and mighty to overpower any foe. Should it be tough, then it will be resilient and persistent to never back down. Should it be wise, then it will possess magical powers to create massive destructions. Should it be swift, then it will be fast and precise to be deadly beyond measure. So what does a legend truly means? That is for you to decide.” Come August 3rd - 6th and join us on the journey, To end this battle royale once and for all. 16 Champions, 4 Factions, but 1 Legend takes all.