Application Process

Important notes to applicants:

  • Please read through the following before completing the online application form.
  • Only completed applications will be assessed. An application is considered complete when we have received all supporting documents, information, and application fee. 
  • If there is any update after the application is submitted, please inform the course administrator by email.
  • Any false or inaccurate information, or omission of material information, will render your application invalid. Students admitted on the basis of such information may have their candidature terminated by the University.


MSc Finance application

1. Create Online Profile

Apply for the programme via our online application system. Application Number will be given once the application is completed and it can be used for future inquiry.
MSc Finance application

2. Prepare Documents

Please refer to the checklist for the required supporting documents. All documents​ submitted must be clear scanned copies of the original documents.
MSc Finance application

3. Complete Application

Upon submitting your application, you will be required to pay an application fee via VISA or Mastercard. 
MSc Finance application

4. Shortlisted for Interview

After the assessment of your application is completed, we will shortlist candidates for the interview stage. The interview is by invitation only and you will be informed via e-mail if you have been shortlisted.
MSc Finance application

5. Final Selection

After the interview, the Admissions Committee will meet for deliberation and candidates for admission are selected. Announcement of offered candidates will be made via e-mail notification from the admissions office.

6. Accept the Offer

Should you receive an admission offer via email, you are required to complete the acceptance of the offer within the stipulated time or the offer will lapse automatically. The acceptance must be accompanied by a non-refundable enrolment fee which is deductible from the total tuition fees payable.