Best of East and West

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Situated at the heart of Asia, Singapore is a unique confluence of East and West. As the centre of global economic activity pivots east, Singapore is the perfect base to tap into Asia's growth. With the continuous opening-up and development of the financial industry in China, the market's demand for bilingual and multi-faceted talents is increasing. As a global financial hub with a strong Asian heritage, we are uniquely placed to share knowledge on global and China's financial markets and perspectives. 

The MSc Finance programme aims to develop and nurture young bilingual executives to achieve a successful finance career in China or in this region that targets China’s economy. A bilingual English-Mandarin curriculum effectively bridges and unites the different strengths to improve the students’ learning experience. It also trains students on their adaptability and resilience. In return, they will have greater access to people and resources for a rewarding career in Finance.