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The Chartered Valuer and Appraiser (CVA) programme is the first and only programme in Asia that provides a structured and formalised pathway aimed at raising the standards of ethics and professionalism among professionals who are involved in transactions, litigation and arbitration, and financial reporting. The programme instills in participants the technical competencies in valuation concepts, principles and applications as well as the approaches and methodologies for conducting valuation.

Asia's 1st and only professional Business Valuation programme
Benchmark to international standards

The programme was developed in close consultation with industry practitioners from the accountancy, banking, legal and investment communities, based on the competency standards advocated by the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC), the global standards setter for valuation.

Get ahead in your career with the recognised CVA credential

Participants who successfully complete the programme and meet the requi​rements for relevant work experience may apply to Institute of Valuers & Appraisers, Singapore (IVAS) to become a certified Chartered Valuer & Appraiser (CVA).


For more information on the industry endorsement and FAQs for this programme, click here.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the standards, conceptual framework, valuation process for various approaches, and practical insights and methodologies to perform quality valuation.
  • Upon successful completion of the programme and with relevant years of work experience, one can apply to IVAS to be certified as a Chartered Valuer & Appraiser (CVA), a prestigious title which has gained regional recognition.
  • Demonstrate professional competence and integrity as a certified CVA holder and earn the trust and confidence of your employers and clients.

Targeted at the accountancy, financial and legal sectors, the curriculum is designed with an “outside-in” approach that starts with considering industry's evolving needs and perspectives.

The course of study is defined by logical progression in three successive levels:

 Learning Outcomes 

Level 1

Module 1: Introductory Business Valuation

Module 2: Law and Valuation

An introduction to the standards, terminologies, principles and process in carrying out a Business Valuation exercise. Participants will get insights into the collection and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative information.

Participants will also understand best practices in preparing and forecasting financial information.

Level 2

Module 3: Business Valuation for Transactions

Module 4: Business Valuation for Financial Reporting

Participants will learn the conceptual framework, the valuation process for various approaches, and practical insights and methodologies used in estimating the value of businesses and intangible assets.

In addition, participants will understand purchase price allocation exercise, and be able to perform impairment testing of goodwill and intangible assets in accordance with financial reporting standards.

Level 3

Module 5: Applied Business Valuation

Module 6: Business Valuation Case Study, Ethics and Professionalism

Participants will learn how to apply the concepts, methodologies and approaches taught in the previous two levels. Participants will also understand the professional expectations of a valuer, and practice standards to adhere to for a career in Business Valuation.

Please click here for details of the programme outline by level.

The programme includes an assessment at the end of each level. There will be a total of three assessments for the full programme. Participants must successfully pass the assessment at each level to progress to the next level. The assessments are conducted in English and will be taken in Singapore.

Professionals with business valuation as their core function, such as business valuers ​who work in professional services or corporations.

Professionals whose core duty is not business valuation, but need to deal with business valuation as part of their routine work. Typical participants include:

  • Accountants
  • External auditors
  • Corporate & investment bankers
  • Fund managers
  • Investment analysts

Professionals who have a strong interest in, or are affected by aspects of business valuation in the discharge of their duties, such as legal professionals, regulators and board of directors.

Standard Course Fee: S$$18,000.00​



 Structured LearningSelf-Study
One-time administration ​fee (covers 3 levels)*S$300.00​S$300.00​
​Programme fee (per level)S$6,000.00S$2,000.00​
​Full programme fee (3 levels)S$18,000.00​S$6,000.00
Re-assessment fee (per level)​S$400.00S$400.00

All fees quoted above are in Singapore Dollars and exclude 7% Goods & Services Tax (GST).
*Please note that the one-time administration fee is non-refundable.

SkillsFuture Funding
Structured Learning Route
 Fees per Level
BEFORE funding & GST
Fees per Level
AFTER funding & GST
Singapore Citizens / PR ​S$6,000.00S$1,926.00​
Singapore Citizens (aged ≥40)
MCES1 - up to 90%
SME-sponsored Singapore Citizens / PR
ETSS2​ - up to 90%
Participants without funding​S$6,000.00​S$6,420.00

Self-study Learning Route
 Fees per Level
BEFORE funding & GST
Fees per Level
AFTER funding & GST
Singapore Citizens / PR ​S$2,000.00S$642.00​
Singapore Citizens (aged ≥40)
MCES1 - up to 90%
SME-sponsored Singapore Citizens / PR
ETSS2​ - up to 90%
Participants without funding​S$2,000.00​S$2,140.00

Please click here​​​ for more details of the funding table.

1. Under the SkillsFuture Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES) scheme. For more information, visit the SkillsFuture website here
2. Under the Enhanced Training Support for Small & Medium Enterprises (ETSS) scheme. For more information, click here.


SkillsFuture Credit 
Singapore Citizens, aged 25 and above, and self-sponsored, may use their SkillsFuture Credit to defray part of the net course fee. Participants can submit their SkillsFuture Credit claims by logging in MySkillsFuture.sg. Please click here for “How do I submit a claim for SkillsFuture credit?” and other FAQs.

Participants do not need to contact SkillsFuture or SkillsConnect for funding prior to course registration. NTU will handle the funding paperwork for both self and company-sponsored participants. Participants will be invoiced the net amount after funding and GST.

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