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PhD Projects

The application deadline for August intake is 31st January and January intake is 31st July.
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The following table lists the PhD projects that are currently available.
Please click on the link to find out more on the research area. You may email the principal investigator/supervisor if you have any questions regarding the project.

Research Project Title                                                           
​Number of Positions
Prof Benjamin Horton                  

Coastal Evolution / Quatenary environmental change    


This project is part of an ongoing program of field-based and computational research to reconstruct Quaternary sea levels and to apply the paleo-record to improve projections of future sea-level change.

For field-focused candidates: skills in micropaleontology/paleo environmental reconstructions and/or sedimentology of coastal systems are highly desirable.

For computationally-focused candidates: a strong numerical or statistical background is highly desirable. Applicants able to participate in both field and computational research are particularly encouraged.

​Asst Prof Emma Hill
Geodesy and natural hazards
We have several PhD positions available for candidates with a passion for using geodetic data (e.g., GNSS and InSAR) to understand natural hazards (e.g., earthquakes and/or sea-level rise) in Southeast Asia. Potential projects could also include the use of SAR data for mapping natural disasters (e.g., floods and/or building damage from earthquakes). Students with experience processing GPS and InSAR data, tectonic modeling, and machine learning are encouraged to apply. Strong coding skills (ideally Python and MATLAB) and strong mathematical skills are required. A background in Earth science is preferred.
Supervisor contact:


MOE Tier 1 Research Grant

Proposal ID

Title Of Project

Title of PI

Main PI


Amount  ($)

 Duration (Months)


Riparian protection versus pest and disease control in oil palm plantations

Assistant Professor

Eleanor Slade

 $        196,500.00



Phosphorus feedbacks determining forest resilience in Singapore

Assistant Professor

Kelly Andersen

 $          99,000.00



Identifying and Mitigating Deforestation Risks in Agricultural Commodity Supply Chains

Assistant Professor

Lee Ser Huay Janice Teresa

 $          73,638.00



PhD positions for the South East Asia Sea-level (SEA2) program

The Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) and the Asian School of the Environment (ASE) at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore are seeking PhD students to join the Singapore Government funded South East Asia SEA-level (SEA2) program. This is an international, multi-institutional and trans-disciplinary program that will push scientific frontiers to observe, reconstruct and model the regional processes of sea level from instrumental and proxy data.

SEA2 has identified five specific objectives to meet the challenge of understanding global and regional sea-level rise, extreme sea levels and their potential impacts:

1. Solid Earth contributions to sea-level change, in particular modeling of tectonic effects and/or observation of groundwater related subsidence, using geodetic data (PI: Associate Prof Emma Hill)

2. Paleo sea-level change, in particular reconstructing changes in sea level and land level at multiple time scales over the Holocene, using geological proxy data (PI: Assistant Prof Aron Meltzner)

3. Extreme sea levels, in particular hydrodynamic modeling of tides, storm surges and river flooding in coastal environments and geospatial analysis in coastal areas (PI: Associate Prof Adam Switzer)

4. Projections of future sea-level rise in particular probabilistic sea-level projections and local to regional components that drive sea-level rise (PI: Professor Ben Horton)

5. Risk-based flood impact projection, in particular the multi-scale modeling of exposure, vulnerability and resilience of coastal cities and regions (PI: Assistant Prof David Lallemant)

There are two intakes of PhD students, in January 2021 and in August 2021.  The deadline for the submission of applications is 31st July for the January intake, and 31st January for the August intake. We strongly encourage those interested to contact potential faculty advisors prior to applying.

Graduate Scholarships include a competitive stipend, tuition, and benefits, and are 4 years in duration. Interested students should apply by following the instructions at ASE website and indicate your interest in working with one or more of the PIs in your application.

Post-doctoral applications will be advertised shortly.