Chair's Message

Welcome to Asian School of the Environment

We bring together geological, ecological, and social sciences with data analysis to better understand the planet we live on.  Our faculty, research scientists and students tackle issues of vital importance to society, including earthquakes, volcanic hazards, climate change, ecology of oceans and forests, and the sustainability of natural systems and resources. This breadth leads to multidisciplinary collaborations both within the school  and leveraging resources from many other schools and centres on campus, such as the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS), the Singapore Center for Environmental Life Sciences and Engineering (SCELSE), the School of Social Sciences, and the School of Physics and Applied Physics, among others.

Our undergraduate students have diverse opportunities to learn, mix and apply the various fields of Earth science, ecology, and social science to fundamental and contemporary issues. We have a unique program that combines experiential learning with in depth laboratory work and computer-assisted data analysis. Our field courses allow students to connect theoretical concepts with the real world at multiple field study sites in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and the US, where we make inquisitive observations and address problems such as biodiversity or environmental sustainability on the spot. We also offer a Minor in Environmental Sustainability, and a double major that connects the Earth and Environment with Public Policy and Global Affairs. Chemistry students can and do a Second Major in Environmental Science with us. Graduate students pursue Ph.D. research in any area of specialization represented by the faculty, see our research page.

Undergraduate and graduate students from our department have gone on to careers in industry, government, and academia. Current employers of ASE alumni include RENERGii (Analyst), DBS (Sustainability Executive), Facebook (Crisis Response Analyst APAC), DHI and Aecom (environmental consulting), Singapore Land Authority, Nature Society Singapore, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, NParks, WWF, Resort World Sentosa and many more. ASE alumni who have chosen to pursue a career in academia can be found doing research at the British Geological Survey, United States Geological Survey, and NASA, and pursuing PhDs at EOS, ASE, Harvard University, and the Geophysical Institute at University of Alaska, US.

Our future depends on environmental stewardship and the sustainable interactions between nature and society. These challenges become more formidable each day as Earth’s population grows, and climate change continues unabated with a resulting impact on our habitable environment. Tackling these challenges requires scientists and policy makers to work together and at ASE we are committed to prepare the next generation of students that will meet these challenges.

Enjoy our website and contact us with questions about any of our programs!

Professor Fidel Costa, Chair of ASE