NTU Service Week

Service Week
25 Feb 2023 - 04 Mar 2023 Alumni
Organised by:
University Advancement Office

The NTU Service Week is a week-long event from 25 February to 4 March 2023 that galvanises NTU’s wider community to give back to society through volunteerism. It features service initiatives organised by students, alumni, faculty and staff in collaboration with community partners.

Be Part of NTU Service Week & Scale Your Impact

The generosity of volunteering your time can make a world of difference to someone. Join us in this movement of bringing good to others. Through the collective action of the OneNTU community, we can make a greater impact on society.

Scale up the impact of your volunteerism during NTU Service Week - When you volunteer your time, you accumulate points for your service to the community. At the end of Service Week, these points will be converted and matched by sponsors as a donation to the NTU Priorities Fund to support financially disadvantaged students, bridge the digital divide and address urgent needs of the university. Together with your support, we can make a greater impact for society and our students.

NTU Service Week Causes

The NTU Service Week features service initiatives under four causes aligned with NTU 2025. The NTU 2025 strategic plan lays out the University’s mission in addressing humanity’s grand challenges: mitigating our impact on the environment; harnessing the science, art and technology of learning; addressing technology's impact on humanity; and responding to the needs and challenges of healthy living and ageing.

Find out the many service projects that you as a volunteer can take part in