CoHASS Conference 2022

14 Oct 2022 - 15 Oct 2022 NTU School of Art, Design and Media Alumni
Organised by:
School of Art, Design and Media, Graduate Student Club (ADMGSC)

Listen to presentations from emerging scholars in the region as they contribute their ideas on art, humanities, and social sciences. These pertinent ideas address the socio-technical imaginaries and the rethinking of the human in the mediated era.

14 October (Day 1): 1pm to 6pm
15 October (Day 2): 9am to 6pm

Meals are provided and a door gift will be given to attendees. 

Key themes

  • Sociotechnical Imaginaries and the Changing World Order
  • Eco-conscious Leadership and Governance
  • Rethinking Human in the Era of Innovative Mediations
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