The philosophy of prosperity in Feng Shui paintings

SoH talk - painting
07 Oct 2022 03.00 PM - 05.00 PM Lecture Theatre 12 Alumni, Public
Organised by:
NTU Chinese

Feng shui master Yun Long Zi founded his own feng shui practice in 2006 and is the 6th generation feng shui master in his family. An NTU alumnus and a donor, he is also an established painter who was invited to exhibit his artworks at the Great Wall of China.

During this talk conducted in Chinese, he will share with attendees how to appreciate feng shui paintings and understand the philosophy of prosperity underpinning this art form.

This is the third talk in the "Self-Planting of Spiritual Roots - Singapore Chinese Culture Lecture Series” (灵根自植:新加坡中华文化系列讲座).

About the Speaker:

Master Yun Long Zi (云龙子大师) founded Lotus on Water Feng Shui Gallery in 2006. The Gallery offers authentic and elegant fengshui jewelry, which see royalties among their collectors. Master Yun’s breakthroughs in art have also earned the recognition of China CCTV. In 2019, Master Yun was recognised as a “Chinese Pioneer” for his contributions to fengshui and fengshui arts, and was featured in a documentary. He was also awarded titles of “I-Ching Gold Medal Master” and “Golden Lotus Global Chinese Ambassador”. In 2021, Master Yun was recognised as the “Founding Father” for “Fengshui Paintings”, “Fengshui Calligraphies”, “Fengshui Jewelry” and “Fengshui Arts”. In 2022, Master Yun was selected as one of the “100 Outstanding Chinese of the New Era”. 

About the Lecture Series:

Starting from August 2022, NTU Chinese plans to invite local cultural celebrities and sages from all walks of life to hold the "Self-Planting of Spiritual Roots - Singapore Chinese Culture Lecture Series". The Lecture Series is open to the faculty and students of NTU and the general public and will discuss a wide range of cultural topics, serving as a platform between NTU and the Chinese community. Speakers invited include local Chinese cultural professionals from all walks of life. The first two speakers of this Lecture Series were Singaporean writer and NTU alumna, You Jin 尤今, and the founder and CEO of RSTN Consulting as well as NTU alumnus, Mr Steven Lim 林芝锋.