Webinar: Cyber Security Today and What It Means For You

Cyber Security
27 Jul 2021 08.00 PM - 09.30 PM Virtual Alumni
Organised by:
NTU Alumni Club

In a contactless world brought about by the pandemic, most of us relied on digital services to help us with our daily needs and adapt to this new lifestyle. Unfortunately, cybercriminals exploit this newfound opportunity to manipulate individuals and organisations to give up their data and sometimes money through the digital space. 

Hear from the guest speakers, Mr Dexter Ng, Founder of AntiHACK.me and CTO of Privacy Ninja, and Mr Andy Prakash, co-founder of AntiHACK.me and CEO of Privacy Ninja. They will be sharing an overview of the latest cyber threats, practical tips and resources to help protect our data from cyber attacks. 

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The Past & the Present for Cyber Security
  • Types of Hacking and its Impact on Individuals or Organisations
  • Online Fraud and Recent Hacking Incidents – Identity Theft Credit Card/Online Transactions, Copycats, etc. (Telltale Signs & How to Prevent It)
  • Privacy Guidelines, PDPA (Requirements & Penalties)

Registration closes on Tuesday 27 July, 12pm.

This event is part of the NTU Alumni Club Technology Series.