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Learning and plagiarism

Adhering to the principles of academic integrity as defined by NTU is essential to your success in your studies and to your professional life beyond university. It is important to learn what academic integrity requires of you, and to practice it. This may mean taking a different approach to your work at NTU from what was expected of you at school. 

It is also important for you to understand that the principles set out here are not just a set of rules; they are essential to the transmission of knowledge, and (importantly) to the way we build knowledge. Academic integrity is important for the whole university community, and it is central to the way your lecturers undertake research.

NTU aims to achieve high respect, reputation and trustworthiness in the academic and professional world. As such, its students and faculty must maintain a high standard of original research when presenting their work. This applies whether it's the case of students submitting their assignment, or when faculty develop teaching materials or present research papers for peer review and acceptance.

The highest level of intellectual honesty must be reflected in their work by properly acknowledging the contributions of others, through proper citation and referencing.

Notwithstanding, the bulk of your work has to be original. This, in essence, is what is expected of Academic Integrity and central to reducing plagiarism.

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