Opportunities For Undergraduates Research

​​Learning and Growing with Many Research Opportunities

In Year 1 Sem 1, pre-research training will be provided to CN Yang Scholars under the Introductory Research Methodology. The course aims to prepare the scholars with the knowledge in research before they embark on their undergraduate research project.

From Year 2 onwards, scholars are allowed to commence research attachment for two continuous semesters at any NTU research institutes or external industrial laboratories. CN Yang Scholars will also undertake an overseas final year project (up to 8 months) at overseas universities or research institutions of their choice (subjected to approval from Director-CNYSP).

The programme also offers financial support for overseas research internship, overseas lab attachment and international conference. Scholars are encouraged to explore such opportunities on their own initiative.


Year 1

  • Pre-research training: Introductory Research Methodology
  • Making and Tinkering


Making and Tinkering 2019


Project Title: Is This Edible?

Group Members:
  1. Koh Shao Ming (BS, AY18-19)
  2. Mohammed Ammar Rafik Madakia (CBE, AY18-19)
  3. Wu Wenshan (CSC, AY18-19)
  4. Guo Wanyao (CSC, AY18-19)

Project Title: Portable and Modular Air Filter

Group Members:
  1. Chan Mei En, Gloria (BS, AY18-19)
  2. Ching Ziwei (ME, AY18-19)
  3. Goh Ker Yi Karlyn (BS, AY18-19)

Project Title: 2D Soft Toy/Embroidery Printing Machine

Group Members:
  1. Lim Qian Yi Claudia (BS, AY18-19)
  2. Alexis Goh (EESS, AY18-19)
  3. Vanessa Lim Zi Yun (CHEM, AY18-19)
  4. Viernes Carissa Kristel Villamarzo (CBE, AY18-19)

Year 2 - 3

  • Research attachment at NTU research institutes or external laboratories (1 Academic Year)

Year 4

  • Overseas Final Year Project within 8 months
  • Professional Attachment

Year 5 - 7

  • PhD at NTU or Joint PhD Overseas with Scholarship (Optional)​

Research posters presentation to Prof CN Yang (October 2008)​​