Leave of Absence & Withdrawal from University

The following applies to freshmen only after they have completed their matriculation.

Short Leave of Absence

You must apply for short leave of absence or medical leave with your School if you cannot attend classes on the following occasions:

  • On days when there are laboratory sessions.
  • On days when assessments (e.g. quizzes or tests) are conducted during classes.
  • On any occasion during the  professional internship - students must submit leave application or medical certificate via the online internship system, InPlace at https://inplace.ntu.edu.sg
  • On any other occasions that tutor(s) or lecturer(s) deemed as compulsory for students' attendance.

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Semester Leave of Absence (LOA)

Freshmen are not allowed to take LOA in their first semester of studies, except arising from extenuating circumstances (ie. medical reasons). For such cases, please submit your LOA application to the School for review.

Students who apply for LOA after the second teaching week of the semester are required to pay the fees for the entire semester.

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Withdrawal from University

A matriculated student must formally notify the University of his intention to withdraw from studies through the Online Notification to Withdraw (OWN) system via StudentLINK> Administrative Matters> Withdrawal Notification. The withdrawal will take effect from the date of endorsement by the University, and stated in the official notification sent to the student’s NTU email account.

Students holding Student Pass must surrender their passes at the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority of Singapore (ICA) for cancellation within 7 days of cessation of studies. Please return the matriculation card to One Stop @ SAC, either in person or via mail.

Matriculated students who submit their online withdrawal notification after Teaching Week 2 of the semester will be liable to pay the tuition and miscellaneous fees for the entire semester.

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Students who have not matriculated and do not wish to enrol in NTU may notify the Office of Admissions in writing at [email protected] (Local Qualifications) or [email protected] (International Qualifications).