Tuition Fees payable per Semester for AY2020-21 (Part Time undergraduates)

The tuition fee is applicable to part time students admitted to NTU in AY2014-15 intake and earlier

Fees before subsidy (SGD) Fees after subsidy payable by Singapore Citizens (SC) (SGD)Fees after subsidy payable by Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR) (SGD)Fees payable by International Students (IS) (SGD)

All amounts quoted are exclusive of GST.

The estimated tuition fees for the entire duration of the degree programme are calculated by taking the: [No. of Academic Units (AU) required to graduate from the part-time degree programme of your choice] X (multiplied by) [Fees per Academic Unit (AU) where applicable according to SC/SPR/IS]

*The estimated tuition fees and fees per Academic Unit (AU) are exclusive of GST , miscellaneous fees and are subjected to yearly increment (if any), under the discretion of NTU with approval from the Ministry of Education (MOE)

MOE Subsidy

SCs and SPRs undergraduates pursuing part-time programmes who meet the following criteria are eligible for the MOE subsidy:

  • Have not previously received a government subsidy/scholarship for a first degree; and
  • Be at least 21 years of age;
  • Males have completed the 2 years full-time National Service liability, and
  • Have either 2 years of full-time work experience or is currently employed on a full-time basis. (A parttime employee is one who works for less than 35 hours a week, under contract of service with an employer)

For more information on the MOE Subsidy, please approach your school’s part time programme coordinators.