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About Entrance Examinations:
Shortlisted applicants with the following qualifications (or equivalent qualifications as deemed fit by the university) may be required to sit for the NTU entrance examination before a final decision on admission can be made. Shortlisted candidates who are absent for the examinations will deem to have failed the examinations and applications unsuccessful.

  • Indonesia – SMA Ujian Akhir Nasional (UAN)  
  • Myanmar – Matriculation Exam 
  • University Foundation Studies
  • Other countries - National High School Certificate (less those exempted as shown in the list below). Check here for more qualifications.

Exemptions from taking the Entrance Examinations:
You are exempted from taking the entrance examination if you are holding any of the following qualifications:

  • Malaysia STPM, Malaysia UEC, India Standard 12, 'A' level (AQA, Brunei, Cambridge, Edexcel, Hong Kong, Maldives, OCR, Sri Lanka) Certificate, Mauritius HSC, PRC National College Entrance Exam (NCEE) or 高考, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, American High School Diploma, French Baccalaureate, Spanish Baccalaureate, European Baccalaureate, Australia ATAR, Canada High School Diploma, New Zealand  NCEA, Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education, South Korea CSAT, Taiwan GSAT, Thai Mathayom 6, Philippines HSC, Vietnam High School Graduation Certificate and other qualifications listed as ‘Not Required’ here.

You are exempted, regardless of the high school qualification you are holding, if you have

  • won gold, silver or bronze medals in one of the following International Science Olympiads Competitions and applying to programmes related to your field of achievement:

           - International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)
           - International Physics Olympiad (IPhO)
           - International Chemistry Olympiad ( IChO)
           - International Biology Olympiad (IBO)
           - International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) 
           - International Astronomy Olympiad ( IAO) 
            - International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA)

  • won gold, silver or bronze medals in International Earth Science Olympiad  ( IESO) or International Geography Olympiad ( IGEO) applying for admission to Environmental Earth Systems Science as the only choice of study.

Note:  Admission to programmes not closely related to your field of achievement (as above) will be
considered on a case-by-case basis. Exemption is NOT applicable for admission to Medicine, Art Design & Media, Sports Science & Management, Maritime Studies, Double Degree, Double Major, 2nd Major, non-Engineering and non-Sciences programmes.

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No re-sitting of NTU Entrance Examinations
If you have previously sat for NTU Entrance Examinations, you will not be invited for NTU Entrance Examinations and your application may not be considered further.

Notifications to Shortlisted Candidates:
NTU Entrance Examinations will be conducted online due to COVID-19 pandemic.  If you are shortlisted, you will be informed of the details on the date, papers you will be taking, recommended requirements on the devices and physical environment to sit for the entrance examination separately.

Entrance Examinations Dates:

​​Education Qualifications Date* Online Mock Exam
​Indonesia SMA UAN/ / Other High School Qualifications19 - 20 March 2022​​​1 or 2 weeks before the first exam date

* The dates are tentative and may subject to changes.

Examination Fee
A flat rate of S$50 examination fee is payable by shortlisted international applicants before the test date. Those who fail to pay the examination fee will not be allowed to sit the exam. The examination fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

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Examinations Papers - Compulsory and Electives:                    
English is a compulsory paper.

The electives papers are:

  • Chemistry
  • Chinese
  • Mathematics ('A' level)
  • Mathematics ('AO' level)
  • Physics                               

Details of Examination Paper Requirements:

Examination Paper Requirements

  • Check the examination paper requirements to confirm the papers you will be taking.  Please   click here if you need to download the Acrobat Reader. The papers you are required to sit for (2 to 5 papers) will depend on all your choices of programmes indicated in your application form.  
  • The papers that you are shortlisted to take would also affect your eligibility to any undergraduate programmes in your entire tertiary studies in NTU. This is especially important if you wish to request for a change of programme prior to or after enrolment in NTU. For example, if you have sat for only English and AO Maths, you would only be eligible for any non-Science and non-Engineering programmes for your entire tertiary studies in NTU. If you have sat for English, A Maths and Physics, you would be eligible for all programmes except, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Biological Sciences and Biomedical Sciences & Chinese Medicine in your entire tertiary studies in NTU.
  • There is a difference in the standard or level of difficulty between the ‘A’ and ‘AO’ Level Mathematics papers. 
  • Do check the syllabus carefully. 


The syllabus for the examination papers can be downloaded below. Do note the difference in level of difficulty between ‘A’ level & ‘AO’ level Mathematics.

There is no syllabus for the English paper.

Examination Papers Format
The entrance examination will be conducted online to safeguard the well-being of candidates and staff amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please find the examination papers format here. Candidates must sit for both Paper 1 and 2 for each of the subject papers that they are being assigned to.

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Recommended Calculators
Please click  here for the list of recommended calculators. Programmable calculators are strictly not allowed. 

If you choose to use a graphic calculator, ensure that any information and/or programs stored in the graphic calculator are cleared before the examination. No calculator with built-in symbolic algebra manipulations, symbolic differentiation or integration are allowed.

Instructions to Examination Candidates:

Specific instructions to shortlisted candidates will be communicated via email after shortlisting has been announced. 

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