Instructions for QET

Instructions to Students

This is an e-test and students are required to login to NTULearn, thirty (30) minutes before the commencement of the test.  This is to check and ensure that students do not have any technical issues before the test.

For the purpose of identification, students are required to show your identification document (i.e. matric card, identity card, passport, ez-link card, driving licence, student pass that bears your photo) when your name is called by the invigilator for attendance marking.

Click here to read the requirements on devices and instructions to students for the e-test.

Please click here from Thursday, 12 July 2021 to Monday, 2 August 2021 (from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm) to check if you are required to sit for the test. The time and venue for the test will be reflected in the QET Attendance slip.


Release of QET Results

The results of the test will be released through StudentLink. The release date of QET results can be found on the QET website.

Students who fail the QET will be required to take Introduction to Academic Communication (HW0001) as a subject of study.

Students who are not exempted from QET or HW0001 will not be eligible to register for all language elective and selected Communication Skills courses, or to graduate from NTU.