Message from NTU President

Universities have long played a pivotal role in creating new knowledge, advancing the frontiers of human intellect, fostering innovation to produce economic value, and addressing societal needs and challenges. Consequently, they serve as catalysts in the preparation of future workforce and leadership of communities, organisations and countries to improve lives and livelihoods. The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the role of universities in providing critically needed and timely information, scientific knowhow, and support to policymakers and governments.

Judging by the historical time constants of evolution and yardsticks of impact of universities, NTU has emerged as one of the leading universities in the world, in the relatively short time span of only several decades. This rapid ascent stems from the broad recognition that the core activities of NTU have had a demonstrable influence in advancing knowledge, talent pool and cutting-edge technologies that benefit national priorities and the global scientific and innovation ecosystem. Current and former members of the entire NTU community deserve significant credit and our gratitude for nurturing and shaping a young university. NTU's current momentum and agility position the University well to set an ambitious agenda for the next stage of significant growth and impact through our five-year strategic plan, NTU 2025.

Success in our NTU 2025 efforts requires ensuring uniformity of excellence, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations, and creating impactful innovation to benefit society. As a publicly funded institution, NTU has an obligation to play an important role in helping to address national and regional priorities. As an internationally acclaimed university, NTU has an opportunity and a platform, and indeed a responsibility, to help address global challenges. In this effort, NTU's unique strengths will serve as catalysts for discoveries, discussion and discourse that seamlessly span a wide spectrum of disciplines including engineering, natural sciences, humanities, arts, social sciences, business, medicine, and policy.

The NTU 2025 Strategy, or simply NTU 2025, is the culmination of a year-long effort to design a plan that will shape the evolution of the University over the next five years. This effort benefited from strong engagement and input from every part of the university community, from faculty and staff across all academic and administrative domains, and from the Board of Trustees to student leaders to many alumni. It also benefited significantly from the tireless efforts of colleagues who were members of the NTU 2025 Strategy Task Force. I express my profound gratitude to all of them.

NTU 2025 builds on the University's unique intellectual assets while articulating our bold ambitions and goals for significantly enhancing and deploying these strengths. As NTU implements this plan, it will strive to play a key role in supporting Singapore's national R&D priorities outlined in the Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2025 plan, and to address four of humanity's grand challenges. To this end, specific initiatives, pathways, and goals have been established to strengthen NTU's four core pillars: education, research, innovation, and community. These activities will be supported through enablers that enhance excellence to achieve NTU 2025 goals: talent, financials and technology. 

The plan also specifically calls for action to maximise the potential of NTU in areas covered by core pillars. We will foster an inclusive and cohesive OneNTU community grounded in shared values representing the unique and diverse culture of NTU and where the wellbeing of every member is a priority. This emphasis on building the OneNTU spirit requires practices and processes that ensure commitment to respect, fairness, wellbeing, and equal opportunities for all members. The plan also prioritises our commitment to environmental sustainability and by deploying our beautiful Smart Campus as a living testbed to translate our intellectual strengths into actionable pathways.

Over the next five years, NTU will introduce new initiatives with the goal of providing a deeply transformative experience for our undergraduate students. A carefully designed interdisciplinary core curriculum will be launched later this year to emphasise digital literacy, teamwork, communication skills, and experiential learning. Through this effort, the University will provide greater breadth and depth of intellectual, social, and cultural nourishing that will strive to prepare NTU students for impactful service and global citizenship. The University will also set new standards for recruiting, rewarding, and recognising faculty and staff dedicated to teaching and research who transcend traditional intellectual boundaries. Finally, NTU aims to be at the epicentre of pioneering research, knowledge creation, innovation, and industry engagement by serving as the academic anchor in major new infrastructure projects and ecosystems planned for development around our campuses.

This document is a summary of our ambitious agenda for NTU 2025. I very much look forward to working with our talented and committed community of scholars, students, staff and alumni to bring NTU to new heights in the service of humanity. I invite you all to participate in this extraordinary journey.

Prof Subra Suresh
President, NTU Singapore