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The NTU-USP Club is a student-run leadership body within the NTU-University Scholars Programme. Under the guidance of its Executive Committee, it spearheads initiatives that both enrich and add value to the lives of its scholars, while fostering a sense of belonging to the NTU-USP family.

Its efforts can be broadly categorised into three themes:

Examples of Unique and Special Events planned by and for our NTU-USP Scholars:

USPecial Workshops

The USPecial Workshop Series is a series of skills-based workshops organised by Special Projects and conducted by our very own NTU-USP students and professors. These workshops bring the scholars’ university journeys out of the classroom and into a large variety of other arts, sports and disciplines. Some examples include USPRESSO – coffee-brewing workshop, USPicasso  acrylic art workshop, and UStretch&Pose  yoga workshop​. These workshops introduce new skills to the NTU-USP scholars that are hard to learn individually, thus encouraging a more varied and multi-faceted university journey.
The USPecial Workshop Series also provides students and professors with the opportunity to give back to the NTU-USP community by sharing their own individual skill to others. By exposing NTU-USP scholars to different skills, Special Projects hopes to create unique and holistic learning experiences for them and provide chances for NTU-USP students and professors to interact with each other outside the classroom.

"I feel that UStretch&Pose was overall an enjoyable event that let a total beginner like me get to experience what yoga is. At the same time, it was a good way to relieve stress and relax myself, and generally a good outlet to get away from the mundane routine of school life. The yoga poses and philosophical background that I learnt about yoga were definitely informative and gave me general information regarding the various types of yoga available and how they may differ from each other. I think this is really relevant to USPians because it allows us to break away from our daily routine and stress, especially given the extra workload and commitments we have. Generally, UStretch&Pose is an enjoyable experience that allowed me to have fun and also learn more about yoga whilst also work out!"

– Pay Sek Ee, Class of 2020, Accountancy and Business

Incubation Hub

Incubation Hub (IH) is a platform, supported by the NTU-USP club, on which NTU-USP scholars can kick-start their own initiatives/events/projects that value-add to the NTU-USP community or society at large. Scholars are welcome to fill up an ideation form with their ideas. These ideas will be thoroughly evaluated and, if it passes the evaluation criteria, will be ‘incubated’ by the IH committee, who will liaise with the idea-givers to provide the resources needed to make their dreams and ideas a reality. Resources come in the form of expertise, manpower and financial assistance.
Events include UScreenPlays  a film appreciation night where NTU-USP students watch a thought-provoking film, then discuss its themes, USPresents – a NTU-USP theatre production and #IWishUSPKnew  an encouragement board set up permanently in the Lounge for NTU-USPians to leave encouraging notes for their friends. Incubation Hub is always open to receiving new ideas.

"This was my first time attending UScreenPlays – and boy, did I enjoy myself! The event was planned really well, and it was just a great way to relax at the end of a tiring day. I was heartened that I could be comfortable with some people whom I hadn’t met before, having pizza and sitting around on beanbags enjoying the movie. The movie itself was a fantastic choice – the fact that I’m still thinking about it the day after is solid proof! At the end of the day, I’d made a few friends, had a night of good food and fun, and was happy that the night was well-spent."

– Wong Su Ting, Class of 2019, Psychology

Social Events

Social Events are planned interspersed across the semester to allow NTU-USP students to be away from their books and have an enjoyable evening of interaction with one another. With various themes such as “Back to School”, “Halloween”, and “Valentine’s Day”, social events take on different forms with the same objective of promoting bonding and cultivating a stronger sense of family and community among the NTU-USP students.

"The Back2School event organised early in the semester really gave me a warm welcome into the beginning of another school year. The combination of awesome food selection and location of event at the top of Hive provided a favourable environment for catching up with friends and getting to know the new freshmen. Perhaps there could have been a short interval of time to encourage seniors and freshmen to interact with one another. Apart from that, I liked the sharing session by seniors who have been engaged in interesting activities over the holidays, namely the Hanoi trip and the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farming (WWOOF). I have never heard of WWOOF before and it certainly inspired me to one day volunteer my services too. In summary, I feel that the duration of event is optimal and it all went very smoothly. Many thanks to the organisers!"

– Stephanie Chiang, Class of 2018, Economics

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