H3 Taught Modules


The Higher 3 (H3) ‘A’ level curriculum caters to the learning interests of ‘A’ level students who have exceptional ability and passion in a particular subject. The H3 Taught Module offered is designed to be an extension of that covered in the Higher 2 (H2) subject, with a greater degree of depth and specialisation. NTU currently runs two H3 Taught Modules. The contents of these modules have been crafted by our professors in close collaboration with MOE as well as JC teachers to take into consideration the interests and abilities of students to ensure that the learning experience of these students is maximised and they are fully challenged. Lectures and tutorials for NTU's H3 Taught Modules are taught onsite at Hwa Chong Institution, which functions as NTU's host centre. The centralised location of our host centre would ensure that students enrolled in our H3 Taught Modules can minimise time and money spent on travelling.

Exemptions from NTU Modules for Admissions



NTU H3 Taught Module Host JC(s)
Molecular Biology

Hwa Chong Institution

Semiconductor Physics & Devices Hwa Chong Institution


All applications for a place in an NTU H3 Taught Module must be made through the respective school's H3 Co-ordinator. Do refer to the respective school's H3 Co-ordinator for application details.

Click on the individual notepads for an overview of each module:


A detailed module synopses along with the module schedule and timetable is also available for downloading:


Application for the 2021-run of the NTU H3 Taught Modules has closed. 




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