Research Assistant Professorship

​As part of the continual effort to grow our research talent pool at all levels, a new Research Staff scheme – the Research Assistant Professorship (RAP) will be launched soon.


This pilot scheme is highly selective and is capped at just 25 RAPs.   The scheme should attract early career researchers of the highest order, especially in particularly competitive areas such AI and ML.  It is not however restrictive.  The main criteria is that RAP recipients should be highly sought after and be of the highest rank.


RAP are not pre-tenure track academic appointment. RAP must be supported exclusively from competitive funds, and provides a new pathway for NTU to attract private sector funding to build up research capacity.


Hiring Criteria:

  • RAP applications will be accepted at any time, with evaluations carried out quarterly.
  • RAP positions are entirely funded by external research grants. Direct top-up from Schools, Colleges or University budgets are not allowed.
  • RAP positions are fixed term: 1-3 years aligned to grant availability.
  • RAP is intended to be a senior postdoctoral role with NO direct pathway to tenure track academic appointment.


More details on the scheme and application process will be available soon!

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