Students are encouraged to gain as much work experience as possible before graduation in preparation for the transition to the working world.

Please refer to the MOM website to know more about the Work Pass exemption for Student's Pass holder.

All full time undergraduate students
intending to take on part-time or vacation jobs outside of NTU should read the following guidelines by Student Affairs Office:

Academic calendars - Click here

For those who are seeking jobs within NTU, check out the “Work Study Scheme” for jobs available at various NTU offices.

Full-time international graduate students (not applicable to students on Exchange / Non-graduating programmes) wanting to take on part-time jobs will have to apply for Letter of Endorsement from the Student Affairs Office (SAO) under its Part-time Employment Scheme​. Likewise, graduate students can seek out such part-time job opportunities at Careermall@NTU.

Graduating students who are seeking full-time employment should visit NTU CareerHub website for more information on the various career events and services available to help you in your job search.

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