Work Study Scheme

    ​​​The Work Study Scheme is designed to encourage students who need financial assistance to be self-reliant. Through this scheme, students will also gain valuable experience before they enter the real workforce.

    All NTU full time undergraduates are eligible for Work Study Scheme to work part-time on campus except for students who are on industrial Attachment / Professional Attachment / Professional Internship / Practicum are not allowed to work part time.

    For NTU undergraduates looking for part-time jobs outside campus, please refer to Student Affairs Office for details.

    For NTU post-graduate students looking for part-time jobs on and outside campus, please refer to International Student Support for details.

    Hours of Work
    During term period, both local and international students are allowed to work for a maximum of 16 hours per week. During vacation period, both local and international students are allowed to work for a maximum of 9 hours in one day or 44 hours in one week. Students are exempted from CPF contributions.

    Application Procedures
    Students are to log onto StudentLink>Financial Assistance>Work Study Scheme. If interested in the jobs posted on the Work Study Scheme Online System, students are to approach the relevant departments offering the job vacancies to enquire further about the job and/or arrange for an interview. Alternatively, students may apply for the job via the WSS System. The person to contact/email is provided in the job posting.

    **Please note that students are required to log onto WSS Online System at least once to update their particulars before jobs can be allocated to them. For subsequent login, you can proceed to view the jobs as and when you like, without having to update your particulars anymore.

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