Campus Buzz - What's on This Week for Students


Campus Buzz is a weekly email newsletter on student events. The contents of the e-newsletter are generated automatically from NTU online event calendar on a weekly basis.  All NTU students and NIE trainee teachers are pre-subscribed to this e-newsletter.

Student clubs representatives can self-service to put up events and activities details in the NTU online event calendar. CITS, together with Student Affairs Office, conducts regular training sessions for student club representatives on the use of Event Calendar Admin Module - the program to input event details to the NTU online event calendar.


The Campus Buzz email newsletter has the following features:

  • Event Categories
    Right below the summary, the events are listed according to their categories in alphabetical order. The categories are inherited from the online calendar. They are: Arts and Culture,  Community Services, Competitions / Contests, Conferences / Seminars, Exhibitions / Fairs, Research, Festive Events, Scholarships / Bursaries, Short Courses / Workshops, Special Events, Sports / Recreation, Talks and Forums, Others.

  • Brief Description of Each Event
    The email content provides a summary of each event such as the date, time, venue and contact person. Each event heading is also hyperlinked to the event calendar website for more details of the event.

  • Coming Events
    Events that are coming up in the month are grouped here to give readers a preview. Each coming event is listed with brief information as above.

  • Manage Your Subscription
    This option allows subscribers to change their subscription email addresses, choose to subscribe or unsubscribe to any of the newsletters listed there.

  • Feedback
    Feedback on the newsletter and enquiries on publishing events in Campus Buzz should be sent to


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