NTU offers medical and insurance schemes and has an in-campus medical centre. In addition, The Healthy Lifestyle Unit organises, co-ordinates and implements health education as well as healthy lifestyle programmes and activities. There is also a Student Wellbeing Centre, which provides counselling on mental health, study techniques and relationships.

A General Note to All Students on Health Insurance
With rising medical costs, sufficient health insurance is increasingly important in ensuring effective protection against financial loss as a result of an illness or accident. The magnitude of cover differs from person to person in accordance with one's needs and budget. For example, working in biological or chemical laboratories is inevitably accompanied by the attendant risk of illness or accidental injury.

Naturally, a good starting point in analysing individual needs for health insurance is to look at one's existing cover. At this space, you may find information regarding coverage and eligibility of schemes currently administered by the University.   Students may also wish to note the exclusions under the schemes administered by the University.   As examples, the following exclusions, among others, are included under the Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme:


  • Participation in competitive racing on wheels.
  • Motorcycle rider or pillion rider engaging in or practising for racing and hill climbing contests and reliability trials, and speed or duration testing.
  • Air travel, except as a fare-paying passenger in any commercial aircraft or in any properly licensed private aircraft and / or helicopter.


Those who wish to analyse their need for additional cover may find the following web links useful:

General Insurance Association of Singapore

MONEYSENSE (National financial education program launched in Oct 2003)


They may also be interested to know about the launching of a new institute: the MoneySENSE-Singapore Polytechnic Institute for Financial Literacy.   This institute was launched on 16 July 2012.   It aims to build core financial capabilities across a broad spectrum of the Singapore population.   Its website is http://finlit.sg/.

Disclaimer: Our provision of the above web links is meant only to provide general information, and the list is not exhaustive. Where necessary, students should independently seek professional advice appropriately tailored to their individual needs.

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